Total war civilians as casualties and

In line with the overall reduction in civilian casualties inchild casualties decreased by 10 percent, compared to World War II Casualties 6: The Italians used mustard gas during their conquest of Abyssinia, while the Japanese Imperial Army used a variety of such weapons during their invasion and occupation of China see Unit [][] and in early conflicts against the Soviets.

Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million. Military figures include battle deaths KIA and personnel missing in action MIAas well as fatalities due to accidents, disease and deaths of prisoners of war in captivity.

The clearest demonstration of the destructiveness of British area bombing occurred in during three night raids on Hamburg, Germany.

Statistics of Wars, Oppressions and Atrocities of the Nineteenth Century

General Assembly adopted several resolutions, which are not legally but do carry the weight of international opinion. Vietnam's government claimed thatpeople were killed or maimed as a result of after effects, and thatchildren were born with birth defects.

Present to the whole class its rules and the reasons for them. The aftermath of World War II brought more attempts to protect civilians in war. The losses listed here are actual deaths; hypothetical Total war civilians as casualties and due to a decline in births are not included with the total dead.

World War II Casualties: For the first time in history, bombing from the air had destroyed an entire town. Civilian deaths have also resulted from the US military operations in Yemen that began in Having studied British area-bombing tactics, LeMay decided to adopt them in a final effort to force the Japanese to surrender.

Throughout the war, zeppelin and airplane attacks on English and German cities killed almost 2, civilians. Iraq Family Health Survey.

The intentional slaughter of innocent people so enraged Pablo Picasso, the Spanish artist, that he immediately went to work on a painting based on the bombing attack.

Civilian dead were 60, Many ethnic groups in these territories were conscripted for military service. European powers agreed at The Hague a Dutch city to prohibit dropping explosives "from balloons or by other new methods of a similar nature.

For nations that suffered huge losses such as the U. In Maythe Nazis invaded the Netherlands on their way to France.

World War II casualties

Civilian dead due to famine and disease were 30, Throughout the 20th century, international conferences have attempted to write rules protecting civilians in time of war.

The casualties listed by modern borders are also included in the above table of figures for the countries that existed in At the Geneva Disarmament Conference ofmost of the world's powers agreed that air attacks on civilians violated the laws of war.

World War II casualties

Civilian casualties include deaths caused by strategic bombingHolocaust victimsGerman war crimesJapanese war crimespopulation transfers in the Soviet UnionAllied war crimesand deaths due to war related famine and disease.

UNAMA documented 3, child casualties inof which were deaths and 2, were wounded. The distinction between military and civilian casualties caused directly by warfare and collateral damage is not always clear-cut.

Civilian Bombing and the Laws of War Attempts to control warfare from the air occurred as early as The German Army historian Dr. A group of women and children. The sources for the casualties of the individual nations do not use the same methods, and civilian deaths due to starvation and disease make up a large proportion of the civilian deaths in China and the Soviet Union.

Why or why not? Contrary to the overall decrease in civilian casualties, women casualties increased by less than one percent, and women deaths increased by 5 percent.

World War I casualties

It had been untouched by previous Allied bombing raids. For a long time, the bombing of German and Japanese civilians only stiffened their resolve to fight on. InItalian dictator Mussolini ordered an attack on the largely defenseless east African country of Ethiopia.Iraq Body Count maintains the world’s largest public database of violent civilian deaths since the invasion, as well as separate running total which includes combatants.

IBC's data is drawn from cross-checked media reports, hospital, morgue, NGO and official figures or records (see About IBC).

Vietnam War: Vietnam War (–75), conflict that pitted the communist government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam, the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States.

It was part of a larger regional conflict as well as a manifestation of the Cold War. Key Findings. ApproximatelyAfghan, Iraqi, and Pakistani civilians have died violent deaths as a direct result of the wars.

War deaths from malnutrition, and a damaged health system and environment likely far outnumber deaths from combat. Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - This campaign includes casualties that occurred between October 7,and December 31, The DoD reports 2, military deaths and four civilian deaths, with a total of 20, injured in and around Afghanistan.

The war has become more expensive, in current dollars, than the Marshall Plan, which helped to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Iraq Body Count

That investment has created intense pressure for Americans to show the Taliban are losing and the country is improving.

Main sources. Charny: Genocide - A Critical Bibliographic Review () Stephane Courtois: Black Book on Communism () Clodfelter: Warfare and Armed Conflicts ().

Total war civilians as casualties and
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