The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay

Market Segmentation

These tourists generally plan their tours in the breaks such as Diwali holidays, Christmas holidays, or any kind of long break when most of the people have break. The company can also chose to undercut the rival companies and their similar offerings basis the aggressive pricing one for the package.

As far as the marketing of Egypt by Thomas Cook is concerned, this will not only influence the target market and its society but also will influence the society of the destination and the society of the destination. Market segmentation is nothing but dividing the total consumer market into groups to be able to communicate with them and provide their specific needs.

Therefore, the generalisation of the findings is questionable. Just as they may belong to different regions, they may be of different age groups and earn different incomes and have different tastes and preferences to live their lives in a certain manner; the tourists also have different choices when it comes to selecting the mode of travel, destination, and the activities at the destination.

This factor is important as the tourists belonging to different places are brought up with different cultures and show different traits of behavior.

Unit 5 Marketing in Travel and Tourism Assignment - Thomas Cook

For the case study the marketing campaign will let the consumers know regarding the tourism package to Morocco and Egypt It offers choices to the consumers: Many people visit other places for the purpose of getting treatment for diseases, improving health and prevent diseases.

Hence, it fosters cultural harmony. Gay and sapphic twosomes are besides deemed to hold a more accustomed travel pattern, less cautious in their disbursement wonts while going and demo a greater sense of trade name trueness than consecutive twosomes Guaracino, ; Roth and Luongo, Tourism gives opportunity to people of various cultures to assimilate together.

During the mid s, both the United States and UK had broad authoritiess, helping in advancing societal equality. Please refer to publisher version or contact your library. The families generally travel for holidays and leisure and tend to expend sparingly.

Hence reference from the various other people who have already experienced the destination or the service of the tourism company which the customers are opting for. Besides that, the security, privateness and trust concerns are other minor jobs that influence the users to follow the web sites.

The other objective of this section will be to look into the influence of marketing on society. Why Segment the Tourism Market? Psychographic The marketing people do this segmentation by taking into account the psyche of the tourists.

Following are the categories of these needs Paul, Primary tourist needs: These help in pre-empting the future market pattern changes or trends as well as the preferred tourist destinations.

It helps to allocate marketing expenses efficiently. For deciding and designing on the same, it is necessary that requisite market intelligence is collected by the company.

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The hotels, food, flights, cars etc. Spend time with families: For having success it is necessary that the business in the tourism sector has a specific brand that can communicate and influence the purchase decision making of the target markets which include the existing as well as the potential customers of the company.

It helps in the overall GDP development of a country. In order to attract more tourists and earn more profits sprawling resorts are built cutting down thousands of casuarinas trees beside sea beaches.

Conclusion Stability of nation is necessary for development of tourism industry. They travel to avail some special medical treatment, operation, surgery, medication, or inexpensive aesthetic surgeries available in different country.

They decide for themselves but do not spend much money. It will be necessary to link various tangible attributes to these service offerings which are intangible.

The Importance Of Tourism Market Segmentation Tourism Essay Paper

Some of the core concepts of tourism marketing which is needed to be kept in mind by the marketers at the time of developing the marketing plan for the companies in this sector are as following:This book chapter was originally published as Dolnicar, S, Market segmentation in tourism, in Woodside, AG and Martin, D (eds), Tourism Management: Analysis, Behaviour and Strategy, CAB International, Cambridge, Juho Pesonen Developing Market Segmentation in Tourism: Insights from a Finnish Rural Tourism Study.

Developing Market Segmentation in Tourism: Insights from a Finnish Rural Tourism Study, 61 p. "Failure to understand the importance of market segmentation is the principal reason for.

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Order now. Search. Marketing managers must understand the importance of segmenting a market and the specific criteria for successful segmentation. Before the 's, most companies tried to market products to the. Tourism market segmentation is the strategic tool for getting a clear picture of diversity among the tourists.

The tourism researchers and the tourism industry use market segmentation information to study the opportunities for competitive advantage in the marketplace. In the tourism industry a product is an intangible service (Wikipedia) and products developed should meet the satisfaction of the target market (Cooper et al).

The product mix consists of service, quality, range, brand name and features and benefits.

The importance of tourism market segmentation tourism essay
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