Research paper about rh bill in the philippines

It is an ideological attack on human life, the family, and our social and cultural values. Authors are required to accomplish, sign and submit scanned copies of the JAFES Declaration that the article represents original material that is not being considered for publication or has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere.

The risk of dying within a year of using pills is 1 inThe Philippine Eagle has a very low reproduction rate.

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This is all about eugenics. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The poor are miserable because, among other reasons, they have so many children.

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Pritchett said that it is "based on a discrepancy A few hours ago, outside the Manila Cathedral, pro-life activists gave out a couple of leaflets attacking the RH Bill.

Benefits of reproductive health bill? Economic studies, especially the experience in Asia, [9] show that rapid population growth and high fertility rates, especially among the poor, exacerbate poverty and make it harder for the government to address it.

The disadvantage of the Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines is the undue focus being given to reproductive health and population and development, when many more urgent and important health problems need to be addressed in the country, those that cause a significant number of deaths across the country such as cardiovascular diseases and infections.

RH education shall be taught by adequately trained teachers in an age-appropriate manner. This paper gives an outline of the elements of the new RH Law, and closes with a revisit of the many arguments and counter-arguments made for and against the Bill then, and the Law now.

Thus, for these women, abortion has become a family planning method, in the absence of information on and access to any reliable means to prevent an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy".

Leary self presentation essay essay narative text hamlet essays on women skriv et essay om venskaben. The anti-RH advocates accuse the RH supporters of hiding from the public the international population control agenda which includes abortion and they refer to U.

Among those who originally knew of the bill, the score is 84 percent in favor, and 6 percent opposed. If there are reasonable motives for spacing births, such as serious medical conditions in the mother, or extreme poverty, then the Catholic Church teaches that married couples may take advantage of the natural cycles of the reproductive system and use their marriage precisely those times that are infertile natural family planning.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message Fourteen professors from Ateneo de Manila Universitya prominent Catholic University, considering the empirical evidence of the dire socioeconomic conditions of the Filipino poor, urged that the bill be passed to help them.

The RH Bill No.

Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act of 2012

Separability Clause, Repealing Clause, Effectivity Summary of major provisions[ edit ] The bill mandates the government to "promote, without biases, all effective natural and modern methods of family planning that are medically safe and legal.

The RAND study also said that a large population can promote growth given the right fundamentals. The RH Bill journey and what other countries can learn. The sexual act, properly exercised within marriage only, is ordained primarily to the propagation of life. It provides that "the government shall ensure that all women needing care for post-abortion complications shall be treated and counseled in a humane, non-judgmental and compassionate manner".

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There are several studies cited by those who support the bill: The two party-list representatives strongly state that poverty is not due to over-population but because of inequality and corruption. The Roman Catholic Church expresses its opposition against the bill on many counts, most especially the procurement and distribution of family planning supplies for the whole country, when the available evidence from peer reviewed medical journals supports the hypothesis that when ovulation and fertilization occur in women taking oral contraceptives OCs or using intrauterine devices IUDpost-fertilization effects are operative on occasion to prevent clinically recognized pregnancy.Below is an essay on "Rh Bill" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Reproductive Health bills, popularly known as the RH bill, are Philippine bills aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care.

The bills have become the center of a contentious national debate. Introduction of the Study On August 16,the first version of what is known as the Reproductive Health Bill is filed in the 11th Congress as House Bill Nothing came out of House Bill In the succeeding 12th Congress, Rep Bellaflor Angara filed a similar bill.

Introduction of the Study On August 16,the first version of what is known as the Reproductive Health Bill is filed in the 11th Congress as House Bill Nothing came out of House Bill In the succeeding 12th Congress, Rep Bellaflor Angara filed a similar bill.

House Bill was the. This paper stems from a presentation made by the author during a panel discussion on the RH Bill in the Philippines held during the Scientific Conference on Health Social Science on October 14, at the College of St. Benilde Hotel in Manila. Reproductive Health Bill was introduced by Congresswoman Bellaflor J.

Angara Castillo is also known as ³Reproductive Health Care Act of ´,assembled at Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines, and now known as House Bill of /5(5).

Research paper about rh bill in the philippines
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