How to write an expression for the total surface area of a cube

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A cube has the largest volume among cuboids (rectangular boxes) with a given surface area. Also, a cube has the largest volume among cuboids with the same total linear size (length+width+height).

Also, a cube has the largest volume among cuboids with the same total linear size (length+width+height).

Surface area

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How do you calculate surface area to volume ratio of a cylinder?

Oct 04,  · I always wonder why we use those "elegant" algebraic expressions in math class. Well, I could probably answer my own questions. To find the surface area of a cube, you simply use this formula: you add all of the areas together, to get the total surface area.

S.A.=Area of triangles+Area of base+Area of roofs =++

How to write an expression for the total surface area of a cube
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