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This of course changes the qualification of the guru from skilled Vedic knowledge to ecstatic devotion—a qualification that overrides lower caste birth and illiteracy that would otherwise disqualify the guru of earlier periods Broos Instead, this guru—whose secret, complex and esoteric practices and various magical mantras—represents a break from the Vedic Brahmins and has ascended to a union with the highest reality, achieving moksha through devotion and knowledge of Tantra.

Do not have blind faith, but also no blind criticism. As a metaphysician, Vaisnavite teacher Ramanuja bridged the bhakti tradition with Vedanta and provided the rational for intense Hindu devotionalism.

O educator teach me as how to improve my soul-force and intellect, and how to acquire sound knowledge. Some may argue that there is nothing wrong in treating the teacher as one of the many sources of information whereas others may feel that certain emotional human bonds should exist between the teacher and the taught.

Thus, to the student who knows only self-study of the verbal texts—the meaning of the words and the ritualistic arts—the Ultimate Truth of Self remains elusive and out of reach.

How does guruhood continue to influence, grow and adjust to modernity? This suggests that human emotions were a means of religious devotion and demonstrated that salvation was accessible Guru shishya relationship essay all who could embody them.

Like most guru movements, the ashram has a publishing office—printing presses to meet the demand of millions of newsletter and magazine subscriptions, volumes of books, as well as mass reproduction CD-ROM recordings.

Scattered references to the status and necessity of the guru in Vedic literature can be found for example, in the Rg Veda IV, Hymn 6. Furthermore, his devotees write books of testimony about his miraculous deeds, and can be found working on film and publicity projects Falk The importance of teachers influence on a student should never be under estimated.

Finally, the teacher must take time to reflect upon his students progress, highlight their strengths and label them, refining and adjusting his vision to forward in a positive and meaningful way.

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Guru–shishya tradition

In History of Religions. Thus, we see Ramakrishna embracing a new kind of guruhood. Highly influenced by Buddhist and Jain doctrines which Guru shishya relationship essay messianic powers of persons, coupled with the Bhakti movement, facilitated the emergence of a cult of personality whereby devotees enshrined the spiritual, mystical Guru as prophet and mentor Kale Furthermore, in the world of the Virasaivite, there is great reverence placed on the guru, and satisfaction in serving and imitating one's guru to acquire his knowledge.

Doctrine and Practice Among the Vaisnavas of Bengal. Instead, the modern guru seems to require mass audiences with allegiances from around the world, where devotees express their devotion in terms of money and volunteerism in a wide range of community projects across the planet.

Furthermore, Self cannot be realized through science and its mental and physical powers, or through meditation, devotion and worship without the grace of the guru.

Furthermore, Kabir argued that if one could recognize the true guru, one could see God Darshan and without a guru's grace, one could not escape samsara Mlecko O' teacher, grow thou pure for my outward breath, and impart knowledge to me.

Regardless, Sathy Sai Baba channels both money and labour of devotees into productive Indian national projects. Atman is subtler than the subtlest and not to be known through argument Nikhilananda.

The Tantric guru is bound neither by caste or heredity and dismisses them as material ornamentations.

गुरु-शिष्य की कहानी : जल की मिठास

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The guru is seen as Buddha. Magazine ads analysis essay, australian obesity epidemic essay narczyk dissertation. Thus the shishya's devotion to his guru must be unconditional in the same vein as God Raina Atman is subtler than the subtlest and not to be known through argument Nikhilananda. The movement of counseling, peer counseling, the possibility of making friends and communes through the electronic media would encourage and enable people to come in contact with other great minds and thereby increase number of friends out of whom some could function as teachers.

Note that the student is also highlighted in this text, "with sacrificial fuel in hand" meaning that the student must be prepared to offer himself completely to the service of his Guru, to collecting the sacrificial fuels and fruits, drawing water, tending cattle and other personal works devoted to the service of his Guru Sharvananda Respect culture essay, tragic hero essay death of a salesman characters essay about country life equal rights equal opportunities essay help australian obesity epidemic essay skriv et essay i engelsk svensk masters dissertation introduction length of great, css past papers of english essay empathy essay based on situation analysis fuente english essays the alchemist self discovery essays.

The Guru in Gaudiya Vaisnavism. In giving this power over to someone else they have a certain hold and influence over us it is hard to resist, while we become enthralled or spellbound by the power of the archetype.

Theologically, the text does not implying the guru is god, but rather suggests as an intellectual and practical application of worship whereby one respects the guru as a wife would respect her husband like a god—meaning the "guru is as good as God, but not God himself" Broos Some might argue that the bond between the guru and the shishya has been weakened in the course of modernity and all of its distractions, but guru devotionalism seems to be stronger and more widely accepted and practiced, around the globe than ever before.

Therefore, only the Gaudiya Vaisnava guru, through his meditation and visions, has the ability to see the initiate's true identity—his inner gopi-identity, which is necessary if his pupils are to emulate gopis and win the affections of Krsna and his liberating grace.

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Guru–shishya tradition

Guru: Sishya - The Relationship Beyond Classrooms | Introduction This article is an outcome of the survey conducted by the I MBA students of our institute (RLIMS, Madurai) on the student-teacher relationship.

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