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Flooring installers is the chief Congoleum corporation to be exposed to asbestos by Congoleum, but others include construction workers.

Our contact Bill Archer pays close attention to detail and his prompt response to our needs has been very impressive. Embossed Inlaid Armstrong "Linoleum" flooring patterns. Geological Survey asserts that U. This may be a rubber-backed sheet flooring product similar to some red-backed Congoleum flooring of Congoleum corporation same era.

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It was known that illnesses, such as asbestosis and the aggressive cancer mesothelioma, are caused by exposure to asbestos. Congoleum was forced to fight the allegations because its insurers refused to pay claims related to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases. Shaw produces and sells carpet, rugs, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring for residential and commercial applications throughout the world.

At the same time, insurance companies in the United States and Canada stopped selling life insurance to asbestos workers.

Exposed to Asbestos at Congoleum Corporation?

Congoleum Corporation

Raw linseed oil oxidizes very slowly, but Walton accelerated the process by heating it with lead acetate [ clarification needed ] and zinc sulfate.

Lab test results for asbestos in the Armstrong red-backed probably rubber flooring shown above are pending June Congoleum Corporation used asbestos in many of the flooring products they produced between and Congoleum products can be found in retail stores across the nation and all products are manufactured in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey.

Congoleum Corporation used asbestos in many of the flooring products they produced between and Countless other types of building materials were manufactured with asbestos, including ceiling tiles, joint compounds, cement, drywall and roofing materials.

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After the slurry has been treated with the selected polycarboxylic acid or water-soluble salt thereof, a synthetic rubber latex is then added and the mass is slowly agitated.

Indeed I've found other similar flooring patterns to those in your photo that by date, records, tests, were confirmed as having asbestos in the vinyl backing; it would be prudent to treat the material as presumed-asbestos-containing material.

It is considered to be the first product name to become a generic term. Attached are photos of some tile removed from my basement. The fibers from which the felt is made may be of various kinds. However, employees, installers and customers were not warned of the risks associated with cutting or sanding asbestos-containing materials.

Rag furnish is preferred, but there may also be used asbestos, cotton linters, and other long fibers commonly used in the manufacture of felt as a supporting layer in flooring materials. We work directly with our homebuilder or out-of-state clients to make sure they select the best products for their projects.

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They came highly recommended from a sister property. From your photo above left this looks like a very-widely used sheet flooring with an impregnated asphalt felt backer - let me know. Congoleum supplied an asbestos felt floor backing to partner Amtico and other flooring manufacturers.

Shown below is very similar but more rectangular marble-chip type sheet flooring contributed by a reader - August Many times courts also demand additional punitive damages from companies for their wrongdoings.

There is no way to know brand since its on bottom, and we haven't removed the floor covering. Most importantly, Shaw creates great flooring for the places we call home. Asbestos was added so the flooring was more durable and heat-resistant.

Congoleum Corp

However, his method had problems: However, the term had not been trademarked, and he lost the suit, the court opining that even if the name had been registered as a trademark, it was by now so widely used that it had become genericonly 14 years after its invention.

Dioxins are released by burning PVC. Results indicated that between andan excessive number of insulation workers died of asbestosis and cancer, including lung cancer, mesothelioma, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

The inexpensive nature of Congoleum floors brought the Congoleum Company success as the United States experienced a housing boom after the Second World War.Congoleum Corporation exposed thousands to asbestos in its flooring products and established a trust to settle asbestos claims.

Mendes & Mount, LLP is a New York based law firm specializing in Insurance and reinsurance law. The Congoleum Plan Trust. The Congoleum Plan Trust was created in as a result of the confirmation of the Congoleum Corporation, et al.

Chapter 11 Joint Plan of Reorganization (the “Plan”). In the broadest sense, a claim is any right to payment held by a person or company against the debtor. A claim does not have to be a past due amount but can include an anticipated sum of money which will come due in the future.

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Nov 19,  · Congoleum Corporation develops and sells flooring products for residential, commercial, and light commercial markets. It offers sheet, tiles, and planks. The company sells its products through a Phone: ()

Congoleum corporation
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